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The Story Of Dot

Yes, we all have too many “things”, but those things define us somehow and everything we own, from the most expensive pair of shoes to the pebble we dragged back from that trip to Hawaii, makes us who we are. This is the story of Dot…

Dot has a sense of style matched by none. When you visit her home you feel as though you just walked into an issue of “House Beautiful” and you immediately wish it was your house you were in and not Dot’s. She has traveled through out the world and has a collection of extraordinary treasures from around the globe.

Dot says “layer”! Never have just one item anywhere, have three and make sure they are displayed in different heights. A vase should be elevated next to a lamp and on the other side of the lamp there needs to be something of comparable size and stature. Don’t leave your couches and chairs naked! Oh No, we need pillows and lots of them at Dot’s. Big ones ,small ones and ones in-between, texture and colour and beads. Forget the fact that you can’t sit down, the pillows are here to layer!

I love her collection of elephant lamps from Rio and monkey statues from Spain and oil paintings from France, Italy and TJ Max. Dot has drawers and drawers of place mats and cupboards and cupboards of dishes and chargers ~ dishes that go under dishes! She owns glasses and books and clothes and clothes and clothes and shoes! Now, you might ask yourself, “Where did she get all this “stuff”? QVC.

QVC? Dot was on QVC!; this was like a trip to Mecca for our shopper extraordinaire.

When Dot first discovered QVC she found that everything she ordered came packed in these little white styrofoam peanuts, and of course Dot does not throw anything out. So out to the garage went the little white peanuts and there they began to multiply! Meanwhile, Dot’s shopping and shopping and taking her little peanuts out to the garage until one day after her husband Herbert opened the garage door to go to work. ”DOT”! “What the hell are all these little white things”! could be heard a mile away. This was the end of Dots' little peanut collection. Strewn from one end of the driveway to the other, Dot and Herb ran frantically back an forth trying to scoop up the little styrofoam things as they whirled and twirled in the air carried by the breeze and sticking to their clothes. Static cling was accumulating around Herb’s polyester pants and Dot’s silk pajamas. By now, all their neighbors were standing in their windows and in their driveways gawking at them. Nosey neighbors!

Now the responsibility of being the proud owner of all this “stuff” is enormous, but our heroine is up to the task because of a little invention she purchased; everyone no longer runs away when Dot wants to ”rearrange things”! I'm talking about those little flat pieces of plastic known as “Moving Men”. Dot doesn’t just have one set of these little wonders, oh no! There are plastic moving men that stay permanently assigned to large heavy pieces because Dot moves “things” around constantly! Herb came home early one day and in a hurry to watch a golf game on TV, and not paying close enough attention to his surroundings, he actually sat down on the floor in front of the TV set! “Dot”! ”where the hell is my chair” could be heard in the quiet little neighborhood as poor Herb got up off the rug, red faced and pissed! Dot didn’t re-arrange for a whole week after the, “chair fiasco”…

So now we must leave our little story of Dot, not because we want to but because it is late and I want to make a much larger point here to my readers. It is with great love and affection that Dot interacts with her “things”. She is neither obsessed by nor stingy by the enormous collection around her. Dot’s beautiful home is warm and inviting as she beckons her family and friends to share and enjoy the enormous gift she gives to all those around her. This gift is love.

Here is a recipe from Dot’s Kitchen:

” Turkey Chili “

one can of salsa

one can of crushed tomatoes

one can of kidney beans

one clove of garlic

one onion

s & p

Place above ingredients in a crock pot and then


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